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What is VQA?

The Vintners Quality Alliance is a contract between the vintners of Canada and the consumer. The VQA medallion is a commitment to quality and a guarantee that the wine expresses the highest aspirations of the vintner's art.

VQA is to Canada what AOC is to France, DOCG is to Italy and QMP is to Germany: quality control from the vineyard to the glass.

Every wine-growing country has a body of regulations which sets standards for its finest products. A wine bearing the VQA symbol ensures the consumer that:
  • The wine is made from 100% Canadian-grown grapes;
  • The wine has been made to the VQA standards set by British Columbia and Ontario;
  • The wine has been approved by a provincial tasting panel.

There are many ways to measure success, and when it comes to the products of Canada's vineyards, recent praise from the wine press is an excellent barometer. The medals awarded to Canadian VQA wines at competitions at home and around the world are testament to the internationally recognized quality of our wines.

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